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Janitor Trolley

The Janitor Trolley is a mobile cleaning station specially designed for the retail sector and for use in large public areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic.  It is an all-inclusive cleaning system consisting of a battery-operated wet and dry tub vacuum cleaner mounted on an ergonomically designed and robust trolley.  This offers an efficient and practical solution to the clean-up of liquid spillages and dirt in general.  The Janitor Trolley is supplied complete with dedicated microfibre mops and a range of accessories to suit various cleaning applications.  The Janitor Trolley is an effective method in combatting the large number of claims filed against retail outlets that occur due to customers slipping on spillages that occur every day.  As a result, companies will reduce the amount of money paid out in these claims, leading to considerable savings each year.

Registered Number: 4347764   VAT Number: 403547964